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Fred K
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Speaker Recommendations for a Small Room

Ok, based on the excellent advice offered here, I'm ready to go to the next level regarding my speakers.

Equipment: Rogue Sphinx, Project Expression turntable with Blue MM cartridge, Cambridge CD SE4, Peachtree DAC, NAD PP4 Phonostage pre-amp (for digitizing vinyl and cassettes), Audioquest type 6 or Mapleshade speaker cables, Scott Mono FM tuner, Energy Veritas 1.0 bookshelf speakers

My listening room is my home office, and it's rather small: 9 ft x 12 ft, and it is filled with books and a dresser. I'm partial to listening to CD and vinyl separately, although I'm in the process of digitizing everything to my imac so I can stream through the DAC.

I'm quite happy with my current speakers (made in Canada) although the low end is a bit unrefined depending on the type of music- my preferences are jazz, rock, classical and world music/bluegrass acoustic - in that order. The speakers image well and are transparent.

Due to proximity to bedrooms, I usually play music at lower volumes, so I'm looking for speakers that provide imaging and strong, defined bass and midrange at lower volumes as well. When my wife gives me permission I also love to crank up the volume.

Recommendations for speakers in the $1000 range? I think a bookshelf is the best bet, and I don't have room for a subwoofer. Alternatively, I loved the Magnepan .7's and would consider the MMG's as well. I'm reading great feedback on the monitor audio's as well, along with Wharfedale Jades...

So- given the forum members high level of expertise, I'd love some suggestions where to go for my choice of speakers (and if anyone thinks I should stick with what I have, please say so!)

many thanks !!!

Allen Fant
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Fred K- consider a pair of B

Fred K- consider a pair of B&W 805 or 705 monitor speakers. These can be found used/demo all day long at various price-points.

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One of the best speakers I know of that would seem to fit your situation is the Focal 806V.

It normally retails for $1000, but Music Direct currently is offering them for $599/pair.

Excellent speakers; great deal....

Monitor Audio, PSB and Wharfedale also make some very nice speakers, but I think the Focals sound the best.

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B&W: used

If you can't find Allen's recommended B&W's, I have owned the CM6 (1" tweeter and 6.5" bass)... The CM line is Bowers & Wilkins' mid-range speaker..These are *outstanding* and should be available around $1,000 in excellent shape used and they are recent models. The cm6 s2 are the current version.

As these are book shelf speakers, also plan on getting speaker stands. Stands are absolutely mandatory for any serious listening.

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