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Speaker recommendations

A few years ago I "inherited" my mother's audio equipment when she moved to a smaller home: two AR-11 speakers, a Sony PS-X7 turntable, and a Concept 11.0 stereo receiver, plus all her vinyl.

Now, I'm not really an audiophile or music person. I use the turntable a few times a month to listen to a few of the albums. I occasionally use the speakers when I watch a movie instead of the TV's built-in speakers. I'm trying to set up a system so I can wirelessly stream my computer's audio through the receiver and get audio output on the speakers for when I listen to iTunes. I know that my computer speakers sound "tinny" but otherwise don't really have an ear for "quality" audio equipment. I'd say I'm your typical casual listener. I also live in a small apartment in close proximity to lots of people and don't like loud music anyway, so I don't really ever crank the tunes or need anything that would blow your mind in quality or volume.

Basically, I think these speakers are overkill for me. They're huge for my living space and way more powerful than what I probably need. I'd like to replace them with something more compact and in-line with my listening needs. (Ideally, I could sell these to someone who would appreciate vintage speakers and/or swap for a different set.) I just have no idea where to even begin. In selling/bartering these speakers, I don't want to get ripped off. In getting new speakers, I don't want to get bad ones but also don't want to get more than I really need. Any suggestions?

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If clarity and realism in a small package

is what you are seeking please listen to a pair of Totem Arros. They take up the same or less space as bookshelves on stands and they sound wonderful. Just ask Diana Krall.

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