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Speaker placement on Cardas website

Has anyone use the method of speaker placement on Cardas' web site?  I was poking around in some other forums and found it mentioned several times.  I have Magnepan 1.6s speakers.

I have repositioned the speakers and listening location as outlined by Cardas' methodology.  I can't believe how much better coherence and performance I'm getting from those changes in placement.  

For electrostatics speaker owners, the "online" verbage portion has a change in formula for the distance from the speaker to the back wall.  This is not in the downloadable PDF.  You base that distance on the height of the room verses the width.

I'm lucky enough to be able to place the speakers and listening location to anywhere in my 20' x 12' room.  I know this may not be possible when you have room constraints, but this worked wonders for me.

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A dedicated room strongly suggests placement

ala Cardas. When I had a dedicated room, I used that setup for my Magnestand MMGs which was made even better with bass traps in the corners and broadband absorption at the first reflection points sidewalls and ceiling. Congratulations!

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