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Speaker Input for Newbie

Hello, this is my first post. For a variety of reasons due to financial tragedy I am starting over with listening system, and beginning at a drastic downsized position. Have nada now, but music is my first love and I have finally saved a few bucks....but I am disabled so budget severe.

Looking at Pioneer SP41 with Outlaw 8" sub, or, Wharfedale Diamond 10.1. Pioneer 509 receiver, only source to start is mp3's played from a cloudserver. Hopefully I will add more hardware over time, but this is where I have to start. Any comments, suggestions, direction greatly appreciated.


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why a receiver?

why a receiver?

if i were to start over i would look into an integrated amp, maybe a used NAD or Rotel.

if it's just for 2 channel listening that is they way i would go. 

your choices for speakers are good either way, i have auditioned the pioneers and was very impressed.

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