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Speaker info, MQA rendering and upscaling in general

I'm a noob in this forum, but a long-time hobbyist/enthusiast, champagne tastes on a beer budget. Not anywhere close to an EE. So instead of expecting enlightenment on the following, can someone just point me to a source of detailed answers I can explore on my own?

1) Understand the relationship between power and resistance, so I fully get why an amp can output more power into 4 ohms than 8 ohms... but why in the same sentence do the technical writers always imply that a "higher" impedance speaker is "easier" on the amp than a lower impedance load would be?

2) How can a digital audio file be "upscaled/upconverted" to a better resolution above the original??? WHERE does the additional resolution (data) come from? Sounds like voodoo to me.

Thanks in advance, I'm really trying to understand some unfamiliar concepts.

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