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Speaker Choice/Placement for VERY small room

Hi everyone, 

So because I'm new to the site and  my question hits a few subjects I posted here. Basically, I am trying to upgrade my desktop system. I currently use a Schiit Modi that is hooked up to my headphone amp to my Sennheisers. While that sounds good I really want to get a speaker setup. I have read a lot on this forum and have decided on the Emotiva Airmotiv 4 speakers which I hope to plug directly into my Modi. 

So here's the catch, I live in a small studio and the room where my desk and computer is located is about 6'x6'. So basically I have two questions: Will the Airmotiv 4s be a good fit with this setup and if so what kind of placement will be ideal? Any tips, help, opinions, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Bill B
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Those speakers are an excellent choice for your situation.  Basically, set them up as an equilateral triangle (the speakers and your head make the points of the triangle).  For more detail, see the Emotiva manual which describes set up for them.

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