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Speaker cable for better midrange

I have a Marantz PM8005 with Dynaudio emit m10 on isoacoustics stands and wireworld luna 7 speaker cable

After i got my self a new system for my tv nad c717, Q Acoustics 2010i (no stands) and audioquest flx slip 14/4 i noticed one thing

I got a system that is very good for tv,voices a clear and open midrange infact so good sound i use it alot more than i should since my my main system ios alot more expensive (just goes to show you that something cheap can sound good,got the q acoustcis 2010i for half price)

What i first noticed with my nad c326bee and the dynaudio's when i got the wireworld luna 7 was a soft upper midrange,lower treble, tried the Marantz PM5005 (onece had the PM6005) it made the sound better, bought the PM8005 since i thought the dynaudio's deserved a better amp than the PM5005

When i then got the Q Acosutics 2010i i noticed it had more grunt,more energy and started to noticed i do have a very soft upper midrange,lower treble with my marantz,dynaudio,wireworld combination and i like the clearer more energy form the midrange from my Q Acoustics

So i do like a bit more energy in the upper midrange,lower treble (in these frequency's where the ear is most sensitive)

So instead of change to the Q Acosutsics above the 2010i's i feel i might try some diffrent speaker cable since i do sometimes hear a difference using different speaker cable

Is there a speaker cable you would recommend me to look at, try, reviews......

Allen Fant
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Cabling is meant to be heard. I always suggest going out to your local dealer/retailer to audition any cbale or power cord. If you like Wireworld, simply move up in their chain of products. Keep us posted.
Happy Listening!

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The only thing that we could try is by testing them. You could pick your friends cable or better you could try it on some local shops. Been stuck with Q Acosutics 2010i for couple months and it sounds great.

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Perhaps Chord?

Perhaps Chord?

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Old thread
Freako wrote:

Perhaps Chord?

I think the OP has probably made up his mind after 16 months...

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