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Speaker advice
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Everyone has a different idea of whats will break the bank, and you are not giving any clues where you are on that.

I have the Vandersteen Treo speakers, and they are sublime; the cost is $6000, and they are  a bargain at that price IMO.

If that breaks your bank, then I would suggest the PSB Image T6 speakers, which I had for two years and are very very good.

They are only $1300 per pair, and both Stereophile and the Absolute sound rate them as the best in that price class. I have heard that since PSB is based in Canada, dealers there can be persuaded to discount them somewhat.

If that is still too pricy, the Wharfedale Diamond 10.4 speakers are $800 per pair, and pretty good stuff.

The sound quality of anything for less than $800 is really not that good IMO.

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