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Soundsticks 4.2 system

I toyed with the idea for some time now and  I thought I wouldn't lose anything if I asked for opinions. I 've had the Harman Kardon Soundsticks II for a long time now and I'm very happy with them. The mid-highs are possibly the clearest I have ever heard from a consumer PC speaker system, and though the subwoofer can seem a bit detached and "tone deaf" at times it's still better than in most other systems in its class.

So the idea is this. What if I had two Soundsticks systems plugged to the same output and placed in a 4x4 meter tv room with each subwoofer standing on the floor on each side of the tv stand and the satellites placed on the sides of the tv with each same-channel speaker pair placed one on top of the other by means of some selfmade S shaped stand. My idea is that this would ease the strain off the subwoofers by having them share the output and as for the satellites, they would be in a configuration that somehow resembles a column array and maybe the clarity and sound staging would be improved as well.

The problems of this configuration I can think of are the following:

Connection and amplification: Are the onboard soundcard, a simple output splitter and the two integrated amplifiers in each subwoofer sufficient, or is an intermediate amplification stage required?

Satellites: With each channel composed of two sticks standing on top of each other, I would have four evenly distanced drivers followed by a larger gap and then another set of four evenly distanced drivers per channel. Would this cause any noticeable unwanted interference and worsen the sound instead of improving it?

Volume control: This is a bummer. The touch volume control doesn't help with setting an exact volume level that can be shared between the two systems. How would having the speakers of each system playing in slightly different volume levels affect the sound?






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