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Sony scd-xa5400es and Devialet D-Premier?

Am starting to build my first high-end system, and am leaning very strongly toward the D-Premier integrated amp/DAC.  I'm thinking the $1500 xa5400es with its SACD HDMI-output would be a good match with the D-Premier, with its HDMI-input (I want SACD capability).  There seem to be no other high end transports with HDMI outs, so the alternative would seem to be another higher end (more expensive) player (transport + DAC), which represents money spent on a needless DAC (since the D-Premier already has a DAC), and on CD player tech in general, when CD in general is fading, and I'll eventually probably be going the music server route.  My worry is that there is some technology thing in either the xa5400es or the D-Premier that would make getting DSD sound from the two impossible.  Thoughts?

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Sony scd-xa5400es and Devialet D-Premier

devialet is a grate unit, i have it for some time in a H-End setup & it out perform many way more expensive gear I use to own, BUT its HDMI isnt active & I suspect it will take long time before it will 

I recomend youll talk with devialet regarding this issue

btw let me know what the say & when they will ship the wireless card

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