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Sonos with a TT - how to upgrade?

Hello everyone,

After a long time away from music - kinds, mortgage, job, wife - I have finally got back into my music and starting to build up my vinyl collection - again!

What I want to do is upgrade my system. At the moment my vinyl is played through two Sonos:3 speakers in my living room, with a potential to play the music in the kitchen, too, through a Sonos:5. Overall, I'm really happy with the setup, but the upgrade bug has started to itch but I am at a loss of what way to go - wired or wireless.

To give some details of my current system I have a Technics 1500c (standard stylus at the moment but soon to be upgraded) running to a Vincent pho-701 phono stage (running an upgraded tube but I can't remember which one), connect to my Sonos:Connect. This then streams to two Sonos:3 speakers in the living room. I love this system especially the wireless side. My living room - or the way it has been laid out by my wife - means I can't set this up in the typical audiophile way of having the system and speaker in front of the listening area. Instead, the turntable and phono stage are placed on a sideboard located behind the sofa, which sits slightly off the middle of the room (we have a large living area). The speakers, currently, are placed in each corner of the room. This set up suits us well - my wife likes the look of having the turntable, phono stage and vinyl out as it fits within the 'industrial' theme of the room, and I get to enjoy listening to the music in the living room when our young children are asleep. I also get to listen to it the kitchen when I'm cooking and the kids are watching tv. However, even using the boost I think the load on the Sonosnet is too high and it cuts out - not enough to frustrate me, but enough that I notice and would like to change it. I also feel that I have a nice turntable and phono stage, which would shine through with a better speaker setup. As a family we want to keep with Spotify, internet radio, and the other additions that come with wireless system. At the moment I am thinking about taking it forward in two ways:

1) By a Sonos:Amp and connect this to wired speakers (possible through two KEF R3 speakers). The problem being would I still get the cut out of sound, and would it really add to the overall quality of the system (I hear mixed reviews when using the Sonos:Amp for music)?

2) Buy new wireless speakers which can handle the streaming of high definition music, such as the Naim. The problem with the Naim setup, as far as I can see, are than I would have a central speaker, rather than two speakers at each end of the room. This would mean the speaker would have to sit in the middle of the room, which would mean the speaker would have to distribute sound 360 degrees.

I am much more in favour of the wireless route. Encouraging my wife towards two standmount speakers in the corner of the room might be tricky. Wireless speakers are more subtle and can be hidden away somewhat. I would prefer speakers that could be placed flexibly.

Can people offer suggestions? What would be the best wireless setup? Should I head towards a Naim system? Should I keep to what I've got and upgrade other aspects of the setup - like getting an MC cartridge - although what would that really add to the system? Go the standmount route (not the preferred option by far)? Or are there other wireless systems I could consider - but not changing the TT or phono stage, which I love?

Thanks for any help and advice!

All the best,


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