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Solidstate Creek or Hybrid Tube-Solidstate Jolida? JOLIDA & CREEK AMP



I might buy one of these two integrated amplifiers, a Jolida 1501BRC, hybrid amplifier with tubes in the pre and solid state in the power, or a Creek Evolution 5350SE (the middle class one).

The Creek seems to be fairly warm for a solidstate, with a good airy soundstage, liquid speed and believable midrange. The bass is also excellent, and the way it handles subtle transients.

The Jolida seems to have alot of warmth, an excellent soundstage, also airy, and a very realistic midrange and detail, and just the right tonality for guitars, voices, piano's etc.


The question is, which one would be better suited for me.

-Would the midrange of the Jolida be more realistic and "present" compared to the Creek? (because of tubes in the pre). I fear the Creek doesn't have as much believable tonality and presence with guitars, voices, piano's etc compared to the Jolida.

-Would the Creek be better at transients and complex passages because of it's solidstate character?

Ideally, I want both a realistic and present midrange and just the right tonality and presence of guitars, voices etc, an airy realistic soundstage and a good handling of complex passages and transients. Bass weight is something I can sacrifice on.


I am leaning towards Jolida, but maybe someone who has heard them both can give an opinion?

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I'm really trying to help and aren't trying to throw you a curveball, but have you heard the new Rega Brio-R? It is a very special int amp.

Paul Welch
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Did you try the Jolida

Did you try the Jolida JD202BRC or JD801? these are superior to the Jolida Hybrids.  I did not compare them to the Creek but did compare them to the 150w rms per channel NAD and also to the Parasound seperates: Halo P3 and their 250W RMS per channel amp.  The Jolidas where much more music and detailed with the JD801 keeping up with the NAD as for max. volume and nearly with the Parasound.

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