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So newbie it hurts and smokes a bit

I was trying to set up some outdoor speakers to a volume control and then to an amp, i used a PCA4(pyle audio) and a audiosource (amp 102). Each time i set everything up the AMPS started to smell like smoke and stopped functioning. The audiosouce fuse blew and replacing ir caused it to keep blowing. Any idea what i could be possibly doping wrong?

What i would like to do is use the AMP102 to power a set of outdoor speakers and include a volume control so the speaker volume can be controlled from outside.

What i plan to do is run 14/2 (2 runs) speaker wire from the AMP 102 to the volume control and then from the volume control out to the outdoor speakers as shown in the attached JPEG, will my plan work with the AMP 102? any cautions i should be aware of?

Thanks in advance

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The problem is

you are connecting two amplifiers in series which one or both will not like. The Pyle PCA4 is a small integrated amplifer, not a "volume control". What are you using to feed the Audiosource amplifier? Either use the Pyle PCA4 alone, or use an L-pad between the Audiosource amp and your speakers. What make and model of outdoor speakers are you using?

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