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So many choices

Hi, im currently looking for a nice pair of over ear headphones, Sennheiser HD598 are current pick for me right now. Not willing to spend over 150. Also I need a pair of earbuds, nothing over 50 yet sometimes they arent the most secure. Microphone and and wires are not a factor for me. Due to the fact that im new to this type of thing, any input is helpful.

The earbuds will be used for school while the headphoes will be used for home listening and travel. Looks are not really something I care about.

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The most likely place to get

The most likely place to get the answers you're after is Headfonia. You can also try the sister site to Stereophile, called Innerfidelity, but beware - those guys are experts and you may have to do some study and research to understand their answers.

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You said it!

Hi itproqwoe,

Did you make a decision yet? What did you decide to go with and how has it worked out? I'm also only venturing into higher end stuff, having bought the V-Moda M80s. I'm now hooked and will be expanding to try an open over ear to counter my closed on ear now.

Anyway, per your request, wanted to share some of the resources I've found most helpful:
Best Studio Headphones - Guide to the best headphones for production and aggregated reviews
Head-Fi Headphones Buyers Guide - Helpful for both headphones and earbuds since you mentioned both. Even if we both fall into the first time buyer budget tier. :)

Also, this guy does some great headphone reviews on his YouTube Channel.

Hope that helps!

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