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I like it!!!!

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There must be an OSHA sign on the entrance door that reads: DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE.
I would have to bet that JA wishes that one day he can have a room that is not in such a contant state of flux. So many reviews and so little time! The closeness of the service entrance panel must come in handy for all those pre-conditioning amp tests.

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The last time I saw things hanging on the wall in that fashion (right back wall), I was having a colonoscopy. Everyone over 45 knows what I mean.

Also, I sent these to my wife so she can see I am really not that bad. She gets on my case because the frilly curtains don't match the quilt I hung on one overlively wall.

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Watch out - those cd's look close to tumbling!

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Nice power amps, I'll give you ten, but .... did you tried to clean all around ? :) so let it be six

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Very, very good system, but chaos around!

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Gee, nice equipment, but I could not live in this room. But then, mine might be 'a little' to clean... ;-)

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John, you should visit Arties place....

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