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SMSL Q50 Power Spec?

I am very interested in this Digital Amp. I currently own a Topping TP21 driving a pair of AudioEngine P4's, and a Dayton 8" powered sub. Looking for something with a bit more headroom, and thought this fit the now that all the bugs are worked out.

So I wrote them in China asking what the output per channel just below the clipping point was and the rated distortion at that point. They wrote back, and said it was truly 50 watts at the clipping point at 0.1 distortion. Now I find this very hard to believe, and asked them again, and again they said this is correct.

What do you guys make of this? Really don't know enough about Digital amps to make an educated decision. At any rate this should be an improvement in headroom over my TP21. Hoping the sound quality is a bit less strident! Would buy the Emotiva a100 MiniX, but it's simply to big. Thoughts? Using this on my desktop.

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