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SL1210 tonearm balancing and mods question

I just installed a Denon DL301 cart onto a stock SL1210.

The tonearm will float with the counterwight fully forward, so I balanced two 1 cent coins to the headshell, giving a total weight of 17.5grams (cart+hshell+wires+coins), and set the counterweight to 2.


Does this make sense? What's the best practice?

Also, more general upgrade question, I know KABUSA is the go to source for Technics upgrades, but, what mods are the ones to start with? I've upgraded the feet, added an audiophile mat and use a clamp. Would you recommend upgraded RCA's next, or, tonearm rewire, or, fluid damper...what's best bang for buck?




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The best place to get quick advise regarding the Technics

SL1210 turntable would be the Vinyl Engine forum.

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