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Sjofn HiFi (the clue)

I do not always agree with the opinions espoused by Stereophile reviewers. And I have to say I am sometimes taken aback that inappropriate comments directed at your customers slip into print, e.g., “asshat” in February 2015’s issue.

But I have the highest respect for all of your judgment, carefulness and integrity. My feelings apply equally to reviews and measurements.

After reading the unfavorable review, and measurements as well as the manufacturer’s comments on the Sjofn HiFi (the clue) speakers, thank goodness this is so!

Let’s play out the trick bag that faces any customer of Sjofn HiFi in the context of your review and measurements of (the clue), both of which were negative.

You pay $999 directly to Sjofn HiFi for a pair of (the clues), thinking it’s a reasonable price given the favorable reviews from audiophile conferences. And, if you don’t like them, (the clues) come with a 6-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Your speakers arrive, you set them up within the specified (very tight) parameters and they sound bad no matter what gear your have on hand to use with them.

You contact Sjofn HiFi and tell them the speakers sound like poop. Sjofn HiFi refuses to accept the warranty repair / return / refund of the speakers.

They remind you of all the reviewers at audiophile conferences who loved the speakers (were their demo’s rigged?) and that the manual states that movements of just millimeters in speaker placement are considered significant.

You simply must have set them up incorrectly in your room.

Unfortunately, because you are not a respected reviewer for an influential audio periodical you will just have to work through the placement issues on your own.

With no US dealers to service their speakers, Sjofn HiFi has no intention of paying an executive to fly in from Scandinavia to help you set up your $999 (the clue’s).

Caveat Emptor

BTW – at the time I wrote this letter, none of Sjofn HiFi’s websites were active on the web.

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