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Silversmith Audio Celebrates 20th Year and Launches Revolutionary New Cable: FIDELIUM
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“Founded by Navy officer and engineer Jeffrey Smith in January 2000, Silversmith Audio is a Veteran-Owned company, an award winning manufacturer of audiophile cables, and a recognized leader and innovator in both the geometry and metallurgy of audiophile cable design. Jeffrey's design goal is to apply established principles within the disciplines of engineering electromagnetics and electromagnetic wave physics to create an audio cable capable of conveying an electromagnetic waveform without errors or other alterations. In 2003, Silversmith Audio introduced PALLADIUM, the world's first palladium alloy speaker and interconnect cables which combined the ideal ribbon geometry with state-of-the-art metallurgy to dramatically reduce skin-effect related signal distortions.”

Just curious, what is your position on wire directionality? Thanks in advance.

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