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Sibilance Is Driving Me Crazy!

I bought a brand new VPI Scout II with an upgraded 10.5i tonearm and Black Knight platter (happens to be the TT that Michael Fremmer demo'd a cartridge installation on at the NYC Audio show).  My cartridge is a Ortofon 2M Blue through a Dynavector P-75 pre-amp.  When I first set everything up, it sounded great.  Now I'm hearing a boat load of sibilance in the highs.  I've adjusted VTA, VTF, overhang, azimuth, and even played with damping fluid in the bearing cup and nothing seems to change the sibilance.  I had the 2M Blue installed on an old Pioneer PL-15D II for about 6 months prior to purchasing the Scout.  The cart is about a year old and has between 125 and 200 hours of playing time on it.  I'm starting to think that I somehow broke the stylus and was thinking about picking up a AT 95e for 40 bucks just to see if it is indeed the stylus.  I've contacted VPI and a local store I utilize and they are all telling me to adjust the items I've already adjusted and listed above.  Because of this, I have purchased a digital scale, counter intuitive, and test disk to adjust sound quality.   PLEASE HELP.



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