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Should I use EQ?


I currently use foobar2000 to play music on my PC. 95% of the time I listen to 24/96 and 24/192 recordings.

I have a doubt about whether to use equalizer or not. Somehow the music sounds shallow when I don't use it. It sounds like listening to cheap portable radio, if you know what I mean. But, when I apply the EQ to adjust the sound, I can't stop thinking I've ruined the sound, that is, created a virtual sound that has nothing to do with the original sound.

What should I do? When do you recommend using EQ in the first place?
Maybe I'm just more used to the EQ-affected sound?

Thank you for your advice.

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use eq if it works for you

since your ACTUAL experience of the sound is better when you use EQ, then use it. You may be worried that theoretically the sound is "ruined", but if that's not your actual experience then don't worry about it.
One can get used to a sound. Switch back and forth, and listen each way for a good while. Sometimes a longer term trial will tell us something useful.
Especially if you change any components in your system, listen without EQ for a while.

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Sure it's OK

but should not be required. If you have ensured you have Foobar, your operating system and soundcard set up properly to output bit perfect audio. If not, your hi rez material may be being decimated to a lower bit rate which could result in poorer sound.


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