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Setting this thing up right.

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I was needing some help with a sound set up. Okay, so in our basement, I attempted to set up a sound system to work, but I feel like it needs some fixing. Here's my set up:


Source: xbox 360 wired into TV (Using RGB cables) or Ipod

wired into

Line 1 on a RADIOSHACK 3 channel stereo sound mixer

which is wired from the reciever port into an

RCA STAV 3860 audio/video reciever

which is then wired into some I think 15" Optimus Speakers (L & R)

It seems that when ever I turn something up though, like the reciever or the mixer, I hear this faint static-like sound. I don't know. Either the source is always too quite or the system is too loud, it's kinda tough to explain. When I turn up the TV it does this. It's kind of annoying. I used to wire the mixer into a 10 band stereo graphic equalizer AND THEN out to the reciever. I don't have an amp. I'm saving up for one, but would that change our help my setup at all?

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