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Serial Number Paranoia...Help??

Hi All,

I recently ordered a pair of Wharfedale 10.7s; they arrived today, and after unboxing I gave them the once-over to make sure everything was in good condition after shipping. Physically, they look great, but I noticed one thing I'm not sure is an issue or not: the serial numbers on each speaker ends in 'R'.

My question is, should one end in 'L' and one 'R' as in Left and Right, or am I being needlessly paranoid? I checked the review of the speakers ( and noticed under Specs the pair Robert Reina reviewed had serial numbers ending in L and R. Do I have two Right speakers, and need to contact the dealer to exchange one for a speaker with serial number ending in L? Or do L and R mean something else for Wharfedale speakers? Previous speakers were just numbered, so I'm lost here...

Thanks for your guidance!

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