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I recently purchased a pair of the Sennheiser 180 wireless headphones, and I am very impressed by their performance.

The sound quality is excellent, and they adjust up to my size 8 1/2 head easily, and down to my wife's much smaller one also. They are light and very comfortable.

The charging stand/transmitter is very convenient; you just place the headphones on it and it makes contact for charging. Each headphone has a rechargeable AAA cell, which can easily be replaced if it ever wears out.

When I say the sound quality is excellent, I mean that it rivals my Vandersteen Treo speakers, which are about the best you can buy for under $10K IMO.

I have no need for a digital input, since I get the signal from the output of my Audio Research preamp, but the Model 220 is essentially the same except for inclusion of a built-in DAC.

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