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You might be a distant relative of Buddha.

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What type of Bamboo covering is that? It looks great! How does it sound?

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Thanks :-)

The Bamboo is just from a regular garden shop which is meant to be used to block your neighbors eny eyes in your yard ;-) My Apogees need a dispersive hard surface to sound their best, and without spending kilo money on treatments *which i dont have, i need to look for alternatives and this works very well.

The sound is hard to describe, you can see the hammer hit the felt and the notes growing into the room. Musicans and singers stand before you in live size and you can see the microphone and feel the tremble of the voice. The sound never comes from the speakers but just flows into the room with a softness and rightness which is very hard to explain, needless to say the DIVA is incredible and my fav speaker of all times. :-) Oh yes, and the bass is just incredible. You can hear the wood resonances of the instrument itself and i measured it in this room and it drops off with -1db at 23Hz down to 18 and can literally move the floor board ;-)

Well, i am happy :-)

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New one on me (but, that's not too unusual)!

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