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seas woofers and scan-speak woofers

i currently own a pair of speakers with 7 inch paper coned scan-speak woofers. they sound kind of mellow and really good for vinyl and/or acoustic music. i was wondering what seas woofers sound like in general. i'm looking at a pair of towers with a 7 inch seas reed coned woofer. and what is a reed cone by the way? thanks, john 

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Don't forget about the enclosure...

The box has a huge effect on the overall tonal quality of the speaker.  Add a port, and the personality of the bass could muddy-up the rest of the midrange frequencies. What may seem like a definitive 'sound' of your cones and domes, could be a product of the combination of the drivers and the box and crossovers, depending on design and implementation.

Trial and error. 

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