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Scattered CD laser light

New Product Announcemnent. New Dark Matter for CD, DVD, SACD and Blu Ray player trays. The new product absorbs all visible and all invisible scatter laser light preventing it from getting into the photodetector. The CD laser wavength is 780 nm which is infrared, invisible light. A portion of the laser light is red by design. It’s a safety precaution. The red portion of scattered light is amenable to absorption by the color green/turquoise. But the portion above 700 nm is not amenable to absorption by green or any other color. New Dark Matter changes all that. The Green Pen absorbed perhaps only 25% of the scattered light. New Dark Matter absorbs 100%. Can I say it improves sound quality 100%? Can I say it’s more than 100%?

New Dark Matter comes in a set of 15 very thin plastic squares that are applied to the top surface of the CD tray using the accompanying ultra thin double sided tape. Only about 75-80% of the tray surface needs to be covered. Price $39.

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