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SAS Audio Labs Introduces the 1.5 Speaker

SAS Audio Labs would like to introduce the two way, 1.5 speaker. The 1.5 incorporates one low frequency crossover in the upper bass region, thus eliminating the crossover(s) from the upper bass through the highest octave.

1) Dynamics are increased since the number of crossovers and parts count is minimal.

2) One does not have to worry about a crossover and associated problems between 700 and 4khz, where the ear is most sensitive.

3) Superior musical integrity, conherency, due to common driver over the entire midrange/highs.

4) Dual cabinets allow for optimal floor placement in a given room.

5) Individual crossovers in each cabinet allows for bi-wiring or bi-amping.

The result is a totally seemless, transparent, dynamic, natural sound.

Available in gloss black piano, cherry, or maple.

Please allow two weeks as we build per order.

Introductory Price is: $2195.00/pr. Plus S&H (Normally $2995.00 plus S&H)

Total Weight: Approximately 130lbs Woofer Speaker:

For more information the webite is:

Please feel free to contact me or post questions.



Steve Sammet

SAS Audio Labs

Daytime Phone: (309) 263-0736

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