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Sanity check my first system build before ordering, please.

I am building my first loud speaker system. I have always used headphones as that was the only way I could be happy in my budget. Now I am going to spend some money for what I hope is a good system. Please have a look and tell me if I have missed something or comment on the build be good or bad.

I listen to anything but, country. Mostly clasical and opera, but I do love my metal/easy listening/pop/techno. I have a very small house 1000sqft but, will be upgrading in the furture. My wife would like to beable to hear the music in the house and I think this will not be a problem with the system that follows. The source of music will be a computer for now as I do not have many records anymore (nor do I have a turntable that I could play them on anymore.

I have ripped my cds to flac, (please comment on the file format and where you would buy music for digital download if any) The system will also play sound for the tv, everything will come from the computer and be displayed on the tv. (I was amazed at how crappy the flat screen sounds, I have not owned a tv in over 10 years.) I get movies from netflix/amazon I plan to play music/movies/ect though the computer and it does have a toslink.

Sorry if you don't need this info here is the build I am thinking of:

Marantz PM6004
Paradigm Studio 20 V5
Schiit Bifrost DAC

Hookup: computer>(toslink) bifrost>marantz

This is the upper limit of my budget, current cost est: 2k-2.5k

I have listened to the Paradigm studio 20's but not the sub. Though SVSound seems to be very popular on the internet. It will be my first purchase that I have not listened to personally, so any comments on this purchase would be strongly appreciated.

Also when I was listening to the Paradigm I was listening on them though a McIntosh int amp. My budget does not allow for an amp that cost 3k. How was my choice in amp? What can I expect in using the Marantz PM6004?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to reading your responses.

P.S. on the side note is it worth subscribing to a sound service like MOG for playing music?

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Everything looks OK to me, except

I would strongly suggest the Rythmik F12 subwoofer if your system will used primarily for music listening.

I also would only subscribe to high resolution music streams.

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