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RS5s: how to wire

Just bought a new set of RS5s.  So far quite happy w/ the sound.  But I'm curious: there are 2 inputs on each speaker (with a bridge), for bi-amping.  I'm not bi-amping at this point, so I wonder which input to use, the upper or the lower.  The manual says either is fine, and perhaps it makes no difference.  But some say it does make a difference, and some even say you could connect one wire to the upper and one to the lower input.  What do people think?


Thanks in advance.

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Doesn't make a bit of difference.

As long as the bridge is in place the current will get where it needs to go.

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There are some that say that bi-wiring makes an improvement, and some that say no.

My experience has proved to me that bi-wiring can definitely make a difference, but ONLY with some speakers, and with the right amplifier capability, and with the right size and type of wire.

Richard Vandersteen has done extensive research on this in his own test facilities in California, and he specifically says in all of his owner's manuals and product literature that HIS speakers DO NOT deliver their full potential unless properly bi-wired.

In the face of his years of research and experience on the subject, I would say that you have to be a fool to completely deny the possiblity that bi-wiring can be beneficial.

I use eight number 10 102-strand Belden copper wires to bi-wire my Vandersteen Treos, and I am convinced that bi-wiring certainly does make a difference with these speakers. It cost me $200 for the wire and $40 for the gold-plated Audioquest spade lugs. I do not think you can buy better cables at any price.

Whether bi-wiring can make your speakers sound better depends on how they are designed and your amplifier and the wires you use; these are all variables.

Most speakers do not benefit from bi-amping if an adequately powerful amplifier is used in the first place. IMO it is better to buy one high-quality amplifier and not two of lesser quality for the same price. 


P. S.- You might be talking about KEF RS5 speakers or Rega RS5 speakers or something else ...??? It would be helpful if you would be specific.

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Funny I own a pair of Monitor

Funny I own a pair of Monitor Audio RS6's so I thought of the RS5's as Monitor Audio. I bi wire my speakers and own a pair of Audioquest Rocket 44's internally bi wired cables. I do hear an improvement from single wire.

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My Matrix 3's

I tried a few cables single wire, and bi-wired.  After serveral tries, I found the best results consistently with Kimber Kable 4tc on the low frequecy and Wasatch on the top.  I'm not sure why, and I don't care.  I'd like to try Wasatch on the bottom, but I don't have any available and the company is out of business.

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Thanks for the comments

Yes, I should have specified: I meant Rega RS5s.  Also what are your (collective) thoughts about having the side ports face in vs out?  The Rega manual just says experiment.  (I will also make a separate post on this subject.)

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