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Rogue Kronus Integrated

I just ordered my Rogue Kronus Integrated tube amplifier and have to say "wow".  This has to be the best $2100 integrated amp that I have ever heard and love the sound.  

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Richard   Whats the rest of



Whats the rest of the system ?

What about it makes it so impressive ?

Ive always been intrigued by Rogue but the tube thing has always turned me off.



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If you just ordered it, how do you know that it sounds so good?  Especially in YOUR system?  FYI, if you have any Hum or grounding issues with the Rogue, send it back immediately.  I've purchased some gear from them for my brother and discovered that they sometimes cut corners on their grounding schemes and trying to fix the problem only made it worse.  Best of luck!

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