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Anytime John and Jeff, it was INTERESTING, FUN, EDUCATIONAL!!! The man behind the pages, it was GREAT...I really enjoyed it, was actually HONORED you took the time and traveled here. Made my day, really. Carl E.

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Nice photo essay guys. The Whispers do look nice and right at home in the relaxed atmosphere. I can't believe your wife lets you play music that loud next to her china cabinet. Rock it, Dup!

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She never has to dust the stuff, I WHISPER it CLEAN...Don't use Endust, use WHISPER at 106+dB.

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Do those funky pants make my ass look big? Was I expecting a flood? I must learn to dress better for guests.... So much for sweat pants during a photo session. And get aload of the Christmas wreath still hanging...eeessshhhh. Man are we lazy or what, noooo, just early for the coming season. Yeah, riiiiiight.

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DUP looks high strung here too

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Not me. I was listening to what JA was saying, yes I do listen really. My ears work. After being at HOB in Chicago, then a few months after I was there, and see the guy who does the sound at HOB gets his just rewards for doing a great PRO setup and excellent sound, I know what I hear, I know what is good, I know what is bad. Even Rev Horton Heat knows, check him out on my space, how he is fed up with poor club sound,. My ears WORK, I do not hear wires or wall outlets. But I do hear what is real. And JA proves it with science and measurements not, fiction writing with descriptions of vauge, meaningless banter. Several reviewers come to mind, mostly the ones who hear plastic demagnetizers, and the sound of a vibrating wall outlet. My ears work better than my fashion sense. I shoulda' wore my audio grade clothes.

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I know, those pants look like what Spock wore, without the boots!!! Beam me up Scotty, oh' can't he's dead. Hey anybody at the transporter, quick, get me outa' here.


Si alguien duda que los audiofilos estan locos, que vea esta foto.

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Carl is the man.

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Yeah DUP, who's your tailor?!? ;-) Just kidding, don't be so hard on yourself, we all have our bad clothing days!

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