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RIP Sidney Harmon, Hifi/Audio Magnate
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One of the few people who managed to make a real business in the audio marketplace that didn't entirely dive for the lowest common denominator.

I wonder what this will mean for Revel, though.

Harman was one of the few remaining places where some well-done science was taking place in the loudspeaker arena. While Floyd, Sean, and I all disagree to some extent, their work is at least commesurate with how the human ear is understood to work, and how the CNS processes the information from the ears.

Our disagreements are at a much more detailed level, and involve blackboards, drawings, equations, and references to Beranek, Fletcher, Stevens, Zwicker, and thel ike.

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Due to time constraints, I'm slowly going through Floyd's book about loudspeakers and rooms, and nearing completion. There's a ton of science to this field and just this one book is illuminating as how complex it is to really understand what's going on when we listen to music. Hope Harmon Intl. will keep the tradition going.

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