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have same speakers-you need to bi-amp them where are the other 2 channels?

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I know about the statement that the Full Range would only run biamped. But believe me.... A pair of Krell MDA 300 drives them in an excellent way. BiAmping them is an option that CAN be better but not necessarily !

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full range MUST BE biamped i own a pair ask anyone

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Hello Sims,

You might know that Krell Amps are famous for being able to drive even the nastiest speakers on earth and so does the MDA 300.
They can easily handle loads below 1 Ohm and the MDA 300 provides 2400 Watts at 1 Ohm. So even the Full Range with their current consuming sensitivity in the low eighties and very low impedance is tamed by this Amp......

If You dont believe me come to my place and I show You how they reproduce large BigBands with full impact ! :p

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the full range comes with an outboard crossover that must be bi-amp -bet you 5 euros -sims- biarritz france

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Niedlich, eine Fullrange ;-)
Sach ma Stefan wo wohnst du eigentlich? Ruf mich mal an 0821-7107692
PS: Sorry to have written in German, but i was just complimanting it. No hard feelings.

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Hi Sims,

There isn

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good for you i have only used the crossover with matching resistors for a tricked roland 5 on top and a tricked old ksa100 on the bottom -with 2 janis subs for a bit of botttom great on WAGNER arc line drive sp 1 with the famous PUTIN TUBE bon noel

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