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I always imagined the Ribbon Chair as a sort of throne, with those beach lounge chair 1/2" wide plastic ribbons or bands stretched across the frame that would allow sound to pass through it, but, as handled by a hip 1960s designer. I'm pleased to see it's far more graceful (and probably should've expected no less.)

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Hi Jeff, good to hear from you.
Pierre Paulin, and architect, designed the Ribbon Chair for AritFort in 1966.
"A different vision on the well-known ribbon form. The elastic fabric is crease resistant. Forever. Metal tubular frame with horizontal springing. The base is made of pressed wood."
Kathleen rescued it from a Lafayette Street shop piled high with artifacts. It's getting a bit old now... It's super mega comfortable, it's one audiophile failing is it's not quite high enough to get my ears at tweeter level on the JMLab Utopias. I just tilt the rear of the speaker up and all is well.
The only throne we have is the same one you have in porcelain!

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