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Revel Performa B15 Subwoofer with Electro Voice PAs

So i have recently come in contact with TWO revel performa b15 subwoofers that have been unused at a friends house that were left by the previous owners. From my research they were very high end when they were first introduced and I still believe they hold great value. My question is what would be the best way to connect the subwoofers to test their full range and condition? I have two electro voice zlx pa's ( which are the speakers I would like to test out and see if one or both would pair well with my current PAs as the subs are rated at 1000w i think they could handle it. I also have a sony 7.1 receiver w/ omni audio speakers that has RCA sub lines. The specs for the b15s subwoofers are as followed:
Driver: 15" woofer
Frequency response: 20-80Hz, +/-0.5dB; –3dB at 18Hz
Inputs & outputs: XLR (balanced), RCA (single-ended)
Amplifier:1000W RMS
Highpass filter: 30–80Hz, 12 or 24dB/octave
Lowpass filter: 30–80Hz, 24 or 48dB/octave (defeatable)
Phase: continuously variable, 0–180°
Other: 3-band parametric equalizer, RCA and XLR pass-through outputs for looping to another B15

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