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Replace Boston Acoustics A60s?

I am considering replacing my 35 year old Boston Acoustics A60s. I replaced one woofer and foam in one unit about 7 years ago. Today, both speakers look fine. I have no problem with the Boston performance, but they are a bit large for the space they are going into and besides, over 35 years, hasn't speaker performance notably improved?

With this thought in mind (and staying within budget <$300) my research has led me to the Q Acoustics 3020i bookshelf speakers ( that were recently and very favorably reviewed in the wirecutter.

The question is, for an average listener with a wide range of musical interests, would the QAs provide a noticeably better sound than the Bostons? I am concerned about the 5'' woofer on the QA vs. the 8'' on the Bostons. If the change would be like night and day, then yes, I'll spring for the QAs. But if the benefit is so subtle you have to strain to hear the difference, then I guess I'll stick with the Bostons.

Looking forward to your comments.

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A 5 inch main driver is really too small unless you use a subwoofer.

I recommend that you look at the Monitor Audio Silver 100 speakers, which have an 8 inch woofer and go down to 40 Hz.

Check out their specs at Audio Advisor or Crutchfield.

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