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Refinishing Kef 104/2

I just purchased a pair of Kef 104/2 speakers of Craigslist. I have always thought it was an interesting speaker. I over paid ($350), but I really wanted them...

Like the ignorant fool I am I forgot to check the foam doughnuts in the center of the woofers before purchasing them. Upon further inspection when I got them home I realized that the foam donuts were toast. So now, 4 hours and $50 later, I have replace all 4 foam donuts. 

The only problems the speakers have now are cosmetic. I would really like to refinish them. I plan on sanding off all the wood veneer and replacing it. 

My question is this. Is there any significance to the sticker on the top of the speakers that says 'Selected for the Design Center London'. Just want to make sure this is not something unique to this pair before I sand it off.

Here is a picture of the sticker. Both speakers have this on the top.

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Taste is all over the place, of course, and maybe you would like them painted in red or black lacquer or something; I don't know.

If the rest looks like the pictured area, however, I think that there is a really easy way to get them looking almost like new again.

Get a quart of Watco Danish Wood Oil for around $10 in either Black Walnut or Mahogany from Amazon or ?? and rub 2 or 3 coats of it onto the veneer surfaces.

It looks like mahogany is what you would want, but it's hard to be sure of color in an onlne picture.

Unless there are some major damages to the wood in some places, this can do a great restoration job.

P. S.- Just take the sticker

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