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Great Photos.

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>Great Photos.<

Thanks Jim. I always document my recording projects, not the least so I can remember where I put the microphones :-)

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A few weeks ago I had a very brief opportunity to speak with David Wilson while he was in town to demo his latest speaker designs. One of the things that he mentioned when I asked about how he voiced his speakers was that he was very keen on using the piano. He also discussed the proper microphone technique to capture the way the piano projects the sound upward.

I mention this because I would otherwise be very curious as to your microphone location. I'm sure there are numerous factors involved that are specific to the environment, but I was a little surprised at how high they were placed. Does this relate to room reflections as a primary concern?

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Hi Monty, the photograph exaggerates the height of the mikes. I generally follow the line of the raised lid until the direct sound of the piano is only slightly higher in level than the reverberant field, then move the mikes down a little.

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