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Record Review - VIVALDI The Four Seasons

I found Robert Levine's review of  VIVALDI, The Four Seasons, with his five star rating for performance and sonics, very compelling. Enough so that after reading the review, I immediately went to my computer and downloaded the the entire album in CD quality format from The cost, with the small discount they were offering at the time, was only $10.39.

I have listened to it several times now, and really enjoy it. It's everything R.L said it was in my opinion. Understand, that up to this point I've never really cared for classical music all that much, though I've had a few tracks in my collection just for the heck of it. This new addition to my classical collection is better sounding, and more musically interesting than anything I've had so far. It has changed my general feeling towards classical music in a positive way.

An unfortunate update since I purchased this, is that in looking at the Pilharmonia website in preparation to write this post, I didn't see an option to download directly from them anymore. It seems that they are now sending people to iTunes for downloads. I hope I'm mistaken, since it's not a good change in my view. Still looks like you can order a CD though.

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