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Record Cleaning

I just bought a Spin Clean MKii record cleaner in order to clean my collection that dates back to music purchased from the 60's & 70's and of course the albums I have purchased since the early 80's. The cleaner seems to work very well accept for one issue. Once a record is cleaned, during playback there are more clicks and pops then prior to cleaning. This occurs on brand new purchases as well as those garage sale vinyl. So I decided to test and play the same side of one album. As I type this, I am on round three and each time I play the record the clicks and pops begin to be less and less audible. Why is this? I am following the instructions that came with the cleaner exactly how they are stated. Could it be a static issue? Is a Zerostat going to help? Or am I missing something completely? I have an old B&O RX2 with an MMC4 cartridge that was brand new (just the cartridge, I bought the TT in 1983) in 1993 and never used until about 6 months ago. As soon as the funds are available I am upgrading to a Rega P5 (at least I think that will be the one, I still have some auditioning to do). Regards, David

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i used to have this happen as well.  i bought the george merrill system.  the common denominator is the fact that the water either drys on the record leaving crud and a static charge, or if you use a blow dryer or even a cloth, it imparts a static charge.  i found an old nitty gritty base model on a-gon for about $125, so i now use the merrill for cleaning and then run it around the vacuum a few revolutions per side for a far quieter record.  this works on old or new.

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Yep, static electricity.

Yep, static electricity. Especially since the noise lessens over time, as the static electricity naturally dissipates. Either clean and set aside for a period of time, get a ZeroStat or change whatever it is about your surroundings or the Spin Clean that's contributing to the creation of static electricity.

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