Recommended Components

Hard as it is to believe, next year will be the 40th anniversary of Stereophile's famed "Recommended Components" feature. J. Gordon Holt first set the list to paper when the Beatles were first breaking big in the US, and its April and October appearances have stood as biannual audiophile institutions ever since.

The problem is, folks wanting "Recommended Components" issues often find them out of stock at the newsstand or missing from our available back issues list. For example, both RC issues from 2001 and the April RC issue from 2002 have been sold out for months.

As a result, we've put together a year's worth of the 2001 RC features in a single bundle for sale via our secure e-commerce pages. Every scrap of text and rating that was in the original RC features is included. And because they have been formatted as .pdf files, we've been able to add indexing and search capabilities, making these virtual copies even more convenient than the "real" thing.

Click here to pick up both 2001 "Recommended Components" features.