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Recommended amp for Aerial 5B speakers?

I'm finally upgrading my system. Took the first [major] step when I got a good deal on some 5B's and now I'm looking for an amp that will help me get the best - or near the best - out of them without breaking my budget. I'd like to spend around $1,000. One suggestion I've received is the Rotel RA-1520.

I have a turntable and will be getting a new CD player. I also do listen to digitized music - some things I've ripped as AIFF's but also some MP3's I've purchased.

I don't tend to listen to music at wall-shaking volumes (although I have been known to "turn it up" from time to time).

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Harman Kardon HK990
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The best-sounding integrated amplifier for under $2000 that I know of is the Musical Fidelity M3i. It is absolutely wonderful-sounding, and if you can spend $1500, it is by far my top recommendation. Those are excellent speakers that will benefit greatly from an amplifier of this quality.

If that is too much money, you may want to look at the Marantz 8004 integrated amplifier, which has a built-in phono preamp, or the NAD C356BEE, or the Cambridge 651A. They are very good amplifiers.

If you get one without the phono stage built in, I highly recommend the Musical Fidelity V-LPS, which is under $200 and is better than many for 3 times the price.

The HK is nice, but I don't think I would spend $2600 for it.


BTW- I have a like-new NAD C356BEE, which cost me $800 and is available at a very good price; talk to me if you are interested.


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