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Recommendations for vinyl set up

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, but thought it was the best place to come for advice.
I bought a separate system a few years ago, I didn't really know what i was doing I just had a minimal budget, but I tried to get the best gear I could for the price. I mainly listen to vinyl at home and have a Pro-ject Debut 3 SE (with an Ortofon Super OM10 cartridge).

The rest of my set up includes: Wharfdale Diamond 2.0 speakers, A Cambridge Audio A1 Amp, Cambridge Audio 640P pre-amp and a Denon DCD-5000AE CD Player.

I am considering upgrading my amp and speakers, but wondered what would go well together with my turntable and CD player. I mainly listen to Alternative / Guitar based music, psych, folk, rock but also Jazz, classical etc.

In terms of a budget - Max £500 / $700 on an amp and around £300 / $500 for speakers. Also, is there a better / recommended Cartridge for my turntable as an alternative? I am just using the one that came with the turntable. Max £100.
Hope someone can help out.

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