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recommendations for Universal Blue Ray Player

New to the Forum and only had a system for about 12 months so far but have had some excellent help from Echohif in mean time.My current set up is as follows

Monitor Audio RX6
Center speaker - monitor audio r225
Linn - forgot name but small rear speakers
Marantz AV7005
Rotel RMB 1075
Sony BDP 780
Panasonic GT 30 55inch

My weakest link I would say is the sony blue ray would others agree?

Question I have is that no where local I can audition decent CD/universal players. Narrowed down to following units but open to other options. I listen to music 60% of time and movies/netflix the rest of the time

1. Oppo 103 or Oppo 95/105 - everyone raves about these
2. Marantz UD5007 or UD7007.
3. Keep sony and get marantz sa8004/5

As I have Marantz AV7005 already would the UD5007 be sufficient instead of extra money for UD7007. I hear the extra money you pay is for audio. Also would either these sound as good as a Marantz CD6005?

How would Oppo compare for sound against Marantz and picture quality.Would it be better to get ud5005 or oppo 103 and also a cd player like marantz cd6500 or get oppo 105?

Look forward to hearing what you think.

JoeE SP9
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Universal player

You only need to read one word; Oppo. If you can afford it get the 105.

Bill B
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although I don't know those Marantz models, I expect they're all quite good.  I do know for sure that the Oppos are a good choice.  Zooming in on your last question, there's no real need to buy a separate CD player if you have already have or will get a good universal disc player.

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JoeE SP9 wrote:

You only need to read one word; Oppo. If you can afford it get the 105.

I absolutely agree!

For audio CDs and SACDs, the OPPO 95 and 105 are arguably better-sounding than anything else for under $8000. For $1300, the 105 is an incredible bargain. Most players selling for Around $3000 can't match it.

They also have superb video performance.

They also have a USB input to connect to a computer or play music from a USB flash drive.

It also has a DAC built-in.


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