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Recommendations for speakers under $400/pair

I'm new to the forum and in the hunt for set of speakers <$400 a pair. I'm a complete novice to audio equipment, so your recommendations are greatly appreciated.

The room...a basement man cave.
- Closest width/distance of cabinet separation: 7 feet
- Farthest width/distance of cabinet location: 11 feet
- Room width: 14 feet - it opens into a bar area about half way down.
- Room depth: 22 feet
- Ceiling height: 7.5 feet
- Carpet floors, everything is dry-walled, center sofa/prime listening area is 14 feet from entertainment center wall.

Placement suggestions are appreciated.

- I'm going to use a Technics SU-8080 integrated amp circa 1977. Specs are here:
- Primary source: Audio Technica ATLP-120 turntable
- Secondary sources: CD player TBD and MP3s via laptop or iPod

Speaker criteria:
- Less than $400 a pair
- New or used. Used will likely be acquired via Craigslist.
- I would rather not rely on acquire/pair with a sub-woofer.
- Please don't make recommendations like 'I picked up a pair of Klipsch Forte II speakers for $150, you should be able to too.' I'm a cheap skate but too impatient to wait til the end of time to get such a great deal.

In descending order, I will be playing the following genres:
- Classic Rock: 25%
- Hard Rock: 25%
- Blues Rock: 10%
- Jazz: 10%
- Classical: 5%

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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  I would take a look at the Polk line of tower speakers.  I bought my monitor 75T's at newegg  for a little over $200 a piece on sale.  You have to kind of watch when they put them on sale.  These speakers sound amazing  and I'm only pushing them with a 50W Onkyo stereo receiver. The clarity and the punch in these speakers are great.  You hear things on CD and vinyl that you never heard before .  They also have some slightly lower end Polk's that would be a little less in price.  My musical tastes pretty much line up with yours .  Classic rock has never sounded so good on these  Polk's.  Check out the Polk 55T's at newgg right now , only $99 a piece .

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