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Recent listening joy

Joy is not too strong a word to describe some of the recent listening chez Trey. Most recently I must recommend to you all "Some Like It Hot" by Barney Kessel and his buddies over at the Contemporary lable. The music is all great jazz in a medium combo setting, it is quite well recorded, and the tunes swing or bop as the case may be! It is quite tunefull jazz and not very outside, but I loved listening to it and it brought the wife in from another room to enjoy! My copy is vinyl, and really well pressed, but I hope you can find the music online.

I also listened to The Piano Man by Billy Joel recently. I have had that record for ages, but it was so nice to hear a well recorded Billy Joel album as some of the later ones are flat and anemic sounding. It occured to me while going through it what brave musical choices Billy made. The first song is a country stop complete with a banjo! WOW! I do not know how the sound has faired digitally, but an early copy of the record has a nice full sound and some great pop music on it.

Listen on!


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I'm stuck on Pearl Jam Radio

I'm stuck on Pearl Jam Radio via XM/Sirius. Listen On!

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