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Really weird question


I know this is a very strange question but I was hoping someone might have some ideas.  Essentially I want to remove the bathroom fan in a main floor powder room (that comes on automatically with the lights) and replace it with an in ceiling speaker that automatically plays music when powered (vivaldi or handel or something, it doesn't have to play more than one or two songs).  There was a little booth of about 5 sqft at a modern art museum a few years ago that when you walked in had vivaldi playing and was an extremely claustrophobic version of Louis 14th's Halles au Mirroirs at Versailles.  I think it would be neat it there would be a way to reproduce this.  Other than the in ceiling speaker what would be the most compact/simple way of accomplishing this so that it would all be self contained and require no adjustments?  Ideally I'd avoid programming and I do have lots of old mp3 players kicking around.

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weird is ok

Real simple would be a portable radio stuck up there in the cavity, w/ its power cord wired into your wall switch.  Or if you have an old mp3/ipod player with a dead battery (but plays when hooked up to a power charger/cord), use that.

Ariel Bitran
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coolest post ever

i hope you find an answer.

super macgyver-ish

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I've heard that this can become a problem after some time

for certain people as they find it hard to go without Vivaldi playing in the background.

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  jackfish wrote: for


jackfish wrote:

for certain people as they find it hard to go without Vivaldi playing in the background.


Not to mention the overwhelming urge to go every time they hear Vivaldi... 

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