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Rating Music Production - not the music

In listening to different CDs, I've noticed some sound much better than others. One of the best CDs I have in terms of sound quality is, surprisingly, one I received for free, as a demo at 'The Show' in Newport Beach last year (first time there - had a great time). For the good ones, the vocals and instruments sound very independent and stand out. I've convinced myself (until I unconvinced myself) that this is due to just better recording/mixing quality resulting in better sound quality. Possibly the skills of the individual mixer (?).

Am I off base? In left field? Out to lunch?

If not, is there a website that rates/ranks the mixing/recording quality of music so I can concentrate my attention on the good stuff? I'm talking about rating not the subjective nature of the music but the quality of the recording.

And, if this crazy theory is correct, does that mean that recordings of live music are typically not that high in quality, since the music isn't 'mixed' independently?

Ok, I'm done. I usually don't talk this much.


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Music Mixing

What level of fame are the artists or bands on these CDs you speak of? Really boils down to one's budget. People need to know that you can't figure outhow to promote your music right if no one can get past focusing on the subpar sound quality.

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