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Questions: High End PC build best and possible system setup

Hi audio enthusiasts,

I have a few questions about purchasing and building an audio system for an open concept condo on a third floor building. I have built a high end computer and would like to take advantage of its audio capabilities.

I have an Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card which I would like to get the best possible speaker setup. I realize this card was created for headphones but I want to take advantage of the stereo outputs. Is 2.1 better than 2.0? I understand 2.1 includes an added subwoofer. I would prefer two speakers because of less clutter and space management. Would I be able to get two speakers in 2.0 mode that could manage the lows close to what a added sub would output? I am by no means interested in deep lows due to my living condition. I would however like to have a low end punch for techno music but nothing more than that.

I have done a little research into the department of monitor vs speaker and active vs passive. I have read that monitors give you a rich sound but are designed for near distance. I am looking for a speaker that can be positioned for 20 to 30 ft at manageable angles and still give me the best possible rich sound. So my thoughts were to go with two really nice bookshelf speakers and a 100 x 2 amp. But I was worried I was making this all too complicated and that maybe a pair of high end active speakers would do the job. My price range for everything would be about 600 dollars.

I am completely new to the audio department and lack knowledge in this area, so any help what so ever would be appreciated. To summarize I am looking for speakers that can give me the best possible high end sound at near to mid distance range with manageable positioning. I would be looking for suggestions on setup, manufacturer, model name and any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for everyone help!

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for your amps...

you might consider the emotiva upa 1's. they are about 6 or 7 hundred for the two, depending if you get them on sale or not, but you may need to spend a lil more money on a system to get a nice sound. good luck

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Is your room the 20 x 30 foot dimension you describe?

That is probably not too big for Emotiva Airmotiv 6 active speakers.

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